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What You Need to Know About The Academy 2022

The Academy

What Educators Are Saying About The Academy

“The Academy gives you access to peers who are doing similar work. Each person you meet will be a future resource for you as you do our important, life-giving work. An added bonus, each presenter, offered their best advice from often hard-learned lessons that can help your school dodge pitfalls and advance God’s mission through Christian schooling.”

“I feel the Academy gives the opportunity to hear research-based, Christ-focused educational leaders share valuable information that guides best practice in a spiritual context for student success.”

“The Academy is intended to directly benefit leaders of K-12 Christian schools without the pressures, prejudices, preconceptions, etc., that often arise from a conference that is provided by an accrediting group. It was good to see a wide variety of schools in attendance. Good speakers in breakout sessions. There just aren’t many opportunities like this.”

Building Better Schools Together

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