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Virtual Learning Network Opportunities

Experienced School Leaders Network

Starting September 14

This is a virtual gathering of experienced school principals and superintendents from the US, Canada, and England.

You are invited to be a part of the Experienced School Leaders Virtual Learning Network,which will consist of leaders who have significant experience as school leaders who are looking to be more intentional in ways their personal faith can impact the “flourishing” of their school.

We will use the “Flourishing Together” book by Andy Wolfe and Lynn Swaner to guide our network learning.

Emerging Leaders Network

Starting September 16

This is a VLN for emerging leaders who want to think deeply and seek change in schools for better outcomes for students and communities.

This network is aimed at emerging leaders who are seeking to be more intentional about how their work leads to flourishing of students, educators, and communities. These leaders must be humble to challenge, open to differing perspectives, have a desire to rethink leadership systems, and ambition for better outcomes for the students and their schools.

Participants will need to commit to regular preparation for and attendance at these monthly 1-hour virtual gatherings. We will use Lynn Swaner’s book Flourishing Together: A Christian Vision for Students, Educators, and Schools as our guide throughout the process. Likewise, we will ask you to choose a current work project through which to analyze the ideas.

This is a Virtual Learning Network for those who are new to DEI work in schools.

For systems and school leaders who have acknowledged the issues around Diversity and Inclusion for their own context, but would like an opportunity to think through possible ways forward in a safe space with other, like-minded leaders.

This virtual network utilizes Collective Leadership principles to explore issues of diversity, inclusion and racial justice – particularly around leadership, culture and curriculum – seeking to effect real and lasting change and to grow and improve together.

For 2022-23, the group will meet half-termly with both UK and US colleagues together to explore our current reality, the opportunities and challenges in this work, our vision for a more just and equitable future, our own personal blind spots and biases and to develop creative, innovative and impactful ways of making necessary changes within our communities. There is an expectation that the learnings will be shared with your organization more widely.

This is a Virtual Learning Network for experienced DEI leaders who are actively engaged in their school’s growth toward improvement goals.

This new network is for leaders who have already taken part in prior DEI Virtual Learning Networks and would like to go deeper in their learning. There is an expectation that you will be engaged in the work at your school in your context and making changes to improve the diversity and inclusion of your organization.

This network group will engage in Action Research together, within peer groups, across both the UK and US contexts (as well as drawing in engaged leaders form India and Canada). Each peer group will explore a particular aspect of racial justice together and plan, design, act upon and review a key question within their organizations.